2022.11 One Night in Neukölln

Strange things happen when you follow L. around. You run into people. Go to places. Eat and drink more than you should.

These are some photos from our visit to the (in)famous district of Neukölln. 

A heartfelt scene from a kneipe, of friends sharing laughs, huddled around their drinks, a moment that transported me to similar scenes from my own past, long gone. If only someone had told me how important it is to cherish such moments. 

In another scene, a proud son, now an owner of a restaurant, asks me to take a shot of him and his father. I see that the camera makes them stiffen up, but it’s so true and authentic that I take the shot as is without intruding or trying to break the tension.

The best photos, and best moments in life, are imperfect.

Mailman Running

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