2023.04 Topology of Tenerife

The first: Playboy, philanthropist, the brain of the operations. Second: Model, impresario, a Tasmanian devil. Third: thinker, steersman, a voice of reason. 

Our first-ever, male-only trip to the island resulted in many bonding moments, both of the quiet and not-so-quiet variety.

Friends for seven years. We reckoned we could survive seven days together. And so we did. Driving around the island, getting sunburned, curing sunburn, getting sunburned again, stuffing ourselves silly with heaps of delicious food, and looking for a fridge magnet the night before our flight back home.

With these photos, I tried to capture some of the inherent randomness and stupidity of our exploration, as well as moments of beauty and stillness found in the different corners of the island.

Mailman Running

Have a Think

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