2022.09 The Prague Golem

What do you shoot when you visit a foreign place for the first time? As a visitor, you tend to notice what’s all but invisible to the locals. The coloring of the underground stations, the parallel city that exists only in the warped reflections seen in office windows, and the adventures other visitors are having.

However, in a place like Prague, where there is not a single Czech shop along any of the main streets, and the historic Old Town itself metamorphosed into a touristic Disneyland, a lifeless golem, it becomes near impossible to capture something essentially local and authentic. Every photo you take has been taken thousands of times before. Same spot, same angle, same light conditions.

That forces me to think about what I want to say with a photo. And, more importantly—the aspect of photography that’s often overlooked—where I let my feet carry me. Away from the crowded, the popular, the instagrammable. And to the strange but beautiful peripheries, where real life takes place.

Mailman Running

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