James K. Wight

It’s always good to have a second pair of eyes.

Sebastian offers excellent feedback on tone, style, and characterisation and is great to work with. I think all writers need someone to trust with going over anything from rough drafts to fully fleshed out ideas. He’s very clear with what works and doesn’t, and is happy to offer praise as well as valid critiques. Definitely a good way to manage any writing pressures you may feel.

Writer, UK
Nils Odlund

Knows how to tell you you’re being an idiot, but without making you feel like one

Seb is easy to talk to. He’s justifiably confident in his skills, and understands a writer’s attachment to their work, meaning he knows how to tell you you’re being an idiot, but without making you feel like one.

I enlisted Sebastian’s help to develop the depth and personality of the main character of my next story. Not only did we create an interesting character, but I also gained a lot of insights into character development during the process. The session was efficient and to the point, and with little room for dawdling.

Author of the Lost Dogs series, Cork Ireland
Meg Lindsey

Expert and unbiased

Working with Sebastian has given me the opportunity to receive the kind of feedback that I cannot progress without—that which is expert and unbiased. His experience in the field, and specifically with works of SciFi/Fantasy, has given me perspective I could not have gleaned from beta readers alone. He has also provided useful feedback on what readers and literary agents alike crave. 

Sebastian’s editing is kind but constructive, to the point, and often provides useful examples for alternatives. I look forward to continuing to work with him on my projects and grow as an author under this tutelage.

Indie Writer, VA
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