I would like to congratulate Mackenzie Lusby (@MackenzieLusby) for winning the short story / opening chapter contest on Twitter. The first chapter “The End of Days” was exactly what I was looking for.

Admittedly, the contest took longer than expected, but I was overwhelmed by the number of submissions and determined to give every piece the attention it deserved. All authors who participated received a personal note with a bit of feedback about their writing.

Mackenzie’s piece stood out thanks to its remarkable opening scene; childbirth, taking place during a raging battle.

I’ll use the piece to show some editing tricks here on this blog.

Future Contests

If you’re interested in my future contests, keep an eye on this blog, or subscribe to the newsletter; you’ll get the news the moment the call for submissions opens.

The prize of $29 for the winning entry isn’t much, but I firmly believe that writers should be paid for their work in real money, not exposure.

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