Each time I sit down to write an article about a topic, I ask myself the following question: What’s interesting about this in a not-so-obvious way? What insight would the reader (that’s you) find valuable.

Today there won’t be any insights because the topic of consistency, I found, has no depth or subtlety. Do your thing an hour each day, and you’re 350 hours ahead of those who only do it (I mean writing, not lovemaking) when they feel like it. It all adds up. The math makes sense. Half an hour today is better than promising yourself two hours tomorrow.

Consistency means that even if you spent the night drunk, wandering the streets of Berlin wishing everybody you met ”Frohes Neues!”. you still get up in the morning and write.

Most of the world gets a day off on the 1st to sober up. That’s as good as it gets. If you can’t find time today, you will always struggle. Drink some water, and find the time to write.

Frohes Neues, everyone.

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