How people decide to spend their time is a perfect representation of their priorities. People trade a day’s work for a day’s pay because they need money to survive. On weekdays they get kids ready for school no matter what because children are more important than money.

The real dilemma occurs when you’re back from work. Should you go shopping? Spend time with your loved ones? Go out with friends? Cook? Clean? Read a book? Watch a movie? Or do the laundry that refuses to do itself for a second week in a row?

To make things worse, as a writer, you face one additional choice. Should you write?

People like to say they don’t have enough time to write, but that’s not true. Everyone has the same, finite amount of time every day. Everyone draws the same line at midnight. No one is granted any additional time to write.

However, for some people writing is important enough and so they make time for it.

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