Nearly every word and every gesture you use, every belief you hold, no matter how innocent, is probably offensive, or highly inconsiderate someplace else.

What about your writing, then? Should you try to be inoffensive when you write?

7.7 billion people are living on this planet. They speak 65000 different languages and live within the borders of one of the 195 recognized countries. Every language, every country, region, even every family has their system of values.

Whether you try to be objective in your writing (the classic style) or subjective (the postmodern style), you engage in a form of communication. Every piece you write says out loud, “Here. I made this. This is how I see the world.” And then, “Is this how you see the world too?”

The answer can be, “No, this is not how I see the world.” And that’s okay too.

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