We are defensive by nature, and we don’t like it when our beliefs get challenged. And yet, you are not the same person today that you were a couple of years ago. Your beliefs have matured.

How could they mature, if at no point in your life did you consider them immature?

People change at a snail’s pace, and never, under no circumstances, do they change on the spot. Even if life calls your bluff and puts your flawed beliefs in the limelight, you will not change for as long as the threat to your status is present. Very few people are able to say, “Well, isn’t this interesting. I must’ve been wrong.” Most will choose to stick to their guns because that way their self-image gets preserved.

The heroes of your stories, heroes though they may be, are the same. They will change eventually, but it should take time. The longer, the better.

A story about someone refusing to change their mind is fascinating. A story about someone thoughtful, who changes their mind when faced with proper evidence is boring.

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