It’s always easy to see fault in other people. The uncle who keeps talking politics over the Christmas table, the grandparent who favors one of their grandchildren, the friend who worries obsessively about the smallest of things. Their flaws are so easy to spot. So obvious.

Come to think of it, you can probably point out a fatal flaw in every person you know. It may be harder to find flaws in people you genuinely like and easier in those that irritate you. But isn’t it obvious that everyone has issues? It is. Only not to them.

And what if you have some obvious glaring flaws that nobody wants to tell you about? Or worse, they tried, but you never listened?

What kind of a flawed character would you be in a story? Would you make an interesting protagonist?

Having flaws is so very human. And stories about flawed characters always feel more real, and a bit like reading about ourselves. Because in a way, we are.

It’s the little things that make stories believable.

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