It’s New Year’s Eve, a time of reflection, worry, obsession, and making self-delusional promises. I thought I’d tackle some unhealthy writing worries so you can spend more time brooding over your eating habits like every other normal human being.

Why, Why, Why?

Why am I getting so many form rejections? Why am I not published yet? Why hasn’t my book sold more copies? Why did no one respond to my Tweets? Why do I get turned down by agents? Why am I not making money writing?

What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. Maybe except that you worry about things outside your control.

Everyone who made it, has faced the same problems that you’re facing, and persisted—in most cases for years—until they started seeing results.

Some Uncomfrotable Truths

You’re getting form rejections because publishers are struggling with time. It’s them, not you.

You’re not published yet because you hadn’t written enough stories, and those you’ve written you hadn’t submitted enough times. Keep writing stories.

Your book isn’t selling because it may not be as good as you’d have liked. Get better, write more books.

People don’t respond to your tweets because everyone is too busy waiting for someone to respond to their tweets. Make friends and engage in their content.

Agents turn you down because you may need a little more practice before writing a book they can sell to the big five. Query more agents, but also write more books.

You’re not making money writing because you hadn’t really tried. There are lots of writing jobs online, and people make decent money freelancing.

Better Resolutions

If you have to make resolutions (there’s no dissuading you, is there?), make them about things you can control. But above all, remember that all good things take time to mature.

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