Eat yogurt. Exercise. Avoid drinking and weed unless it’s sativa-dominant. Give it time. Be good to yourself. Don’t be on your own. Find a new hobby. Write a book about what you’ve been through. This is the best moment to produce good work. Go on Tinder and fuck around. Why don’t you move somewhere far away from Berlin, like Guatemala. You should see a therapist.

Have you considered a meditation retreat?

Most advice you get from friends, no matter how coherent it sounds at the bar, doesn’t add up in the end. What a life that would be if I had the energy to put all of that into practice! But that’s fine; I don’t think it’s ever meant to make sense. Friends get you out of the house and out of your head. Whatever they say balances out the other kind of voices.

Leave me alone. Sleep through the day. Press your forehead against the doorframe, go on, as if that will change anything. Why don’t you give that wall a few punches? Nobody’s looking.

Lie on the floor like a little kiddie.

Smile and say it’s fine. Ignore the pain under your left rib. Yes, thank you for asking, I’m recovering. It’s better now. I’ve been through worse.

While inside, you want to scream and cease to exist.

My experience with depression tells me that the only way out is through. I don’t think there’s enough yogurt in this world—the probiotics help gut bacteria recover, improving your mood—that can cure the inflammation of the mind.

Fuck depression and all its cousins.

The best medicine, though painful and bitter, is facing reality the way it is.

That’s the theme of my latest work. You can see the album HERE.

Social media take away more than they offer. That’s why I rely on word of mouth to distribute my work. If you enjoyed the read or connected with the photographs, share them with a friend.

Thank you.

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