We come from so many different backgrounds that it’s difficult to send just one set of wishes. Religious persuasions aside, while we, northern hemispherers, long for snowy Christmas of yesteryear, Australians have to endure through record-breaking heatwaves.

That’s why, instead of extending generic, nondescript, seasonal greetings, I’ll leave you with a heartfelt Merry Christmas, or rather Wesołych Świąt I was taught to say when I was little.

And, because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without presents, as a way of saying thank you for being here, merry Christmas, and happy New Year all at once, I’m giving away 1000 words of editing (you decide which kind) to all my newsletter subscribers.

This applies to all projects longer than 2000 words, and will be valid until the 10th of January.

Be good to each other. Happy Christmas!

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