A small IT company has recently asked me to help them with copywriting on their website. And, as we were wrapping up the call, their head of sales said,

“If there’s one impression you made during this call, Sebastian, it’s that you offer premium services. I don’t know if you’ve done it on purpose or not, but it worked. And even if you did it on purpose, you’ve done it so well I didn’t even notice how.”

So, was the impression a cold, calculated performance on my part? A deliberate ploy to trick a client into paying more for my services?

Of course not. The trick to being premium is that there’s no trick. When you make a statement that says, “I offer premium services,” you can’t settle for anything less. It can’t be cheap, quick, or average. It’s a promise to your clients that you must keep because your reputation depends on it.

If there’s any trick here, it’s the one you play on yourself. You raise the bar on purpose to make yourself work harder.

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