In fact, it has always been time for making long-term investments; they offer the biggest pay-offs, plus they add up over time. Everyone knows that. And yet, humans have a hard time investing in the distant future because of the abundance and urgency of all the short term opportunities. Those, however, have practically dried up because of the pandemic, leaving behind a void we all struggle to fill.

To me, that feeling makes it even more urgent to invest in the long-term. To read that book you’ve been putting off, to learn a new skill, to find time for focused effort, to take that Udemy course you’ve been thinking about for so long, to try and find new human connection online, to take your writing to the next level by working with a professional editor. The pandemic may seem like a global catastrophe (because in many ways it is), but it also creates opportunities for those who can seize them.

In the coming months people are going to need more great writing to help them get through the slump. You can sit this one out if you like, but that will leave precisely where you were before. For me, the risk of stagnancy is the ultimate call to action.

For some time, long-term will be the only term on the menu.

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