Thanks to the internet, our brains are bombarded daily with more information than they can process. This article is one such piece of information. The moment you open it, your brain starts deciding: Is this interesting? Is it worth my time? Can I use this? Is it necessary for my survival? Does it solve a problem I have? Do I need to remember this?

By evening, your brain has consumed so much it is practically drunk on information, and yet, notification after notification, your phone nags you to consume even more.

You probably don’t need any more information than you already have. You probably have enough to live a long, happy life, and have a successful writing career.

And, above all else, you don’t need all these pesky notifications that interrupt your day. Check your feeds and your email when you want to, not when Google or Facebook tells you to.

Give yourself the mental space you need to fuel your creativity.

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